Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore Wed: 35 Weeks Pregnant

It's That Time of the Week!

pleated poppy

 5 Weeks left-well, in a perfect world. :-) I'm thinking I'll take a little break from WIWW for a post-partum-or else you will get tired of seeing the variety of ways I can wear sweatpants and Ts. Or maybe I will have one day a week where I try and I'll post that. We'll see!

So, I am of course going to start with Sweatpants. :-) Here's what I wore last Wed-a little reality for ya. I worked at home, so I spent the day in this:


Top-Kohl's (not maternity)
Sweater-Motherhood Maternity
Jeans-Motherhood Maternity

Accesory Close-up:
I love this necklace. It was made by Erin at Crafts&Sutch.

Sorry for the blurry photo-it was overcast and hard to get a good one!

Top and Jeans-Motherhood Maternity
Scarf-Charming Charlie 

Shoes: Maurices


This seems to be my go-to combo with this coral top this Winter.

Top: Old Navy (not maternity-but it is empire waist so it works)
Cardigan-Target (not maternity)
Khakis-Motherhood Maternity

Shoes-The Beijing Pearl Market in Beijing, China-I love these. I actually wore them in my wedding.

And here's a close-up of my accesories:

Headband and Necklace-Target
I don't remember where I got the earrings-I've had them awhile.


Top-Express (not maternity)
Cardigan-Target (not maternity)
Jeans-Motherhood Maternity
The green necklace made a reappearance! I almost wore a pink one, but it was too much pink.

And my shoes: I got these at a thrift store for $3 and they were practically new!

That's all for this week-Happy Dressing and Accessorizing!


  1. Love the cream scarf and the shoes from China! Wow 5 weeks, so exciting!

  2. Love your second outfit! Battling with the sweats post-baby myself :)


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