Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phi Phi Island, Thailand (Delightful Adventures)

Phi Phi Island (yes, it's pronounced "pee" "pee") is a place that postcards can only dream of capturing. Sunny and beautiful year-round, it is a great vacation spot-especially if you are a college student studying abroad in China, which I was in the Winter of 2004.

In China, the big holiday is Lunar New Year, which occurs in January or February, according to the Lunar Calendar. So, their big break from school is not summer, but January and February. My friends and I took this opportunity to visit Thailand where we we spent a few days on Phi Phi Island in perfect 80 degree weather.

I wish I could offer you details about where we stayed and where we ate, but I was not much of a documenter on that trip! I needed to relax, so I did. Also, nearly ever infrastructure on Phi Phi was sadly destroyed less than a year later during the Tsunami of 2004. So, I am not sure how much of the smaller places were re-built.I believe nearly all of the resorts have been re-built.

I can, however, tell you that it is a great, super affordable vacation, if you're already nearby. Once you get to Phi Phi, everything is inexpensive, but the plane ticket is what costs the most.

Here are some of the highlights from my trip.

I did lots of relaxing by the pool and on the beach, gazing at this breath-taking view:

Just to warn the Americans, Phi Phi is a big vacation spots for Europeans who like to sun bathe topless and Asian (and European) men who love to wear really tight speedos. It may be a culture shock.

I also had fun doing outdoor activities, such as kayaking. I reccomend taking a trip on over to Monkey Beach where you might just get to this:

Feed wild monkeys!!!

Then, I can live vicariously through you because I sadly did not get a chance to do this. But, it's OK, I was able to play with monkeys at other times in my life. 

I also went hiking and saw beautiful views of the cliffs.

I ate lots of fresh, yummy seafood.

 And met B-list celebrities staying at the same resort! (UPDATE: Jared Leto is now an Oscar winner! No more B list)

For those of you who are not of the "My So Called Life" generation, that is Jared Leto, now most famous for dating Lindsay Lohan and starting a band called 30 Seconds to Mars, of whose songs I can't name one. He was in Thailand filming the movie "Alexander" which I never saw. That's probably why I am laughing awkwardly in this photo-because I'm not really a fan...or maybe it was the weird conversation he had with us in which he told us he knew we were Christians because we had "an aura of  innocent light" around us. Mmmhmm.

George had fun on vacation too, in his natural habitat. I mean, I assume such trees are also found in Africa. He was also disappointed about missing Monkey Beach, though I am pretty sure he think those monkeys are a bit primitive. He lives in a swanky apartment in Manhattan, after all.

Delightful Traveling!


  1. Jared Leto is NOT a B-List celebrity! He is a beautiful beautiful man and I used to dream of being Claire Danes from My So Called Life because of him! (OHHH, Jordan Catalano. So dreamy.) I am jealous of you now and I can't believe I never knew that you met him.

    Oh, and, um, Thailand looks nice too. :) haha!

  2. Hi! I'm very delighted to have found your travel post. I'm a bit of an Alexander fan - you should give it a try by the way :)- so I hope you don't mind me asking when and where you met Jared exactly. Was it in January or February 2004? Did you meet other people of the film staff or cast too, like Colin Farrell, or was Jared all alone there? You were very lucky in my eyes. Phi Phi seems such a beautiful and interesting place to stay. I'd be very happy to know your answers. :) XO Rike

    1. I just met Jared Leto. They were on break from filming and he was traveling while on break. It was in January 2004.

  3. I think you're a luck girl !
    The band 30 seconds to mars is a well-known rock band, but if you usually hear pop music is likely you do not know any of their music. Anyway, just go to youtube and you can get to know them better.

    1. Haha Thanks! I do know some of their songs now that we have a decent alternative station here now.


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