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Historic Savannah {Delightful Adeventures}

Cobble-stone Streets, beautiful houses, sculpted parks shaded by a canopy of Spanish moss, and rich history. These are the aspects that make the Historic District of Savannah, GA one of the premiere tourist destinations of the South.

I had the privileged of visiting Savannah this past November and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's what you should do while touring historic Savannah.

 1. Take a Trolley Tour

The trolley tours are a good way to get an overview of the city and some historical facts and stories behind the famous structures and parks.

There are a ton of options for companies, but we used Oglethorpe Trolley Tours. They seemed to have the best prices (we bought the unlimited hop on/hop off for $15/person) and we were pleased with the tour. It was fun and informative and lasted about 90 minutes. Also, with this price, they would pick us up and drop us off around the city when we called. Savannah also has public transit, but you do have to catch them at allotted spots during certain times.

2. Walk!
Though we took a trolley tour, we also walked through all of historic Savannah. It's really not that taxing (and I was  4 1/2 months pregnant), but it takes almost all day if you want to explore some of the sites. It's set up in blocks, easy to navigate, and is rated one of the best walking cities in the US. In addition, exploring on foot allows you to take better photos and explore different sites.

Here are some highlights of Historic Savannah.

Telfair Academy Museum
Admission-$20 per person or $40 for a family pass
$5 for Students
Children under 5 are free

This quaint museum is the oldest public art museum in the South. It's three stories offer over 4,000 works of art from America and Europe. A few rooms of this former family mansion are decorated to appear as they did in the late 1800s.

Famous Hollywood Spots

 Remember the opening scene of Forest Gump, where the feather floats down from the top of a steeple? Well, this is that chapel. The bus stop scene was also filmed here, but the bench was placed especially for the movie, so it is not there. Many movies were filmed in Savannah and you can see most of those spots.

Historic Houses
 Savannah is home to several famous historic houses and a rich history that dates back to Colonial 1773. Many famous historical figures called Savannah home, including Eli Whitney, John Wesley, Johnny Mercer, Juliet Gordon Low, and Clarence Thomas.

Spanish Moss

 Savannah is known for it's beautiful Spanish Moss, which grows naturally and like crazy in the city!

Historic Places of Worship
Savannah has a number of historic churches and synagogues still in operation, including Christ Church (started by Methodists evangelists John Wesley and George Whitfield), First Bryan Baptist Church (the oldest African American church in America), Temple Mickve Israel (one of the oldest Jewish synagogues in the US), and this church:

 Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of the earliest established Catholic churches in the South. When Savannah was first established, the Catholics were banned from Savannah because England was afraid they would be more loyal to their Spanish enemies, who were also Catholic. The banned lifted shorty after The Revolutionary War began.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is open to the public and is a beautiful church to visit.

 Low House and Girl Scouts Headquarters

If you were ever a Girl Scout, you know that its founder, Juliet Gordon Low, was from Savannah. Here is where she lived after she married and here is where the very first Girl Scout troop meeting was held. The headquarters is still located behind the house.

Forsyth Park

Savannah boasts several beautiful little square parks, but Forsyth park is the largest and in my opinion, most beautiful. Plus, it has a large grassy field on which to play and a playground for kids. 

3. Go By the River
 While in Savannah, walking by the river is a must! It's beautiful and there fun little shops to explore.
There's a little snapshot of Savannah. It's a fun place to visit, especially you like history. I wish I could show you all the cool places, but then this post would be obnoxiously long! I will post again soon about the yummy places we ate.

Delightful Travels,

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