Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun in the City: Fireworks, Soccer, and Biking {Delightful Adventures}

I am now home from New York City :-( So, this will be my last "Friday Fun in the City." But, that means my other Friday specials are returning-"Faux Fridays" and "Find It and Make It Fridays!" 

This is actually what I did the past TWO weeks in NYC.

For the 4th of July, we of course watched the fireworks launched from the East River. We really didn't feel like going down to the river and sitting all day in the heat, so we watched them from the roof of our building. It was a great view and a fun city fireworks experience with the skyline amongst the fireworks.

 My husband loves soccer, so I bought us some Red Bulls tickets for his birthday this summer. It was my first professional soccer match and it was quite enjoyable.

My husband was excited about seeing this guy play:
(Thierry Henry)

The New York Red Bulls actually play in New Jersey, but if you're in NYC, it's super easy to get to the stadium. You just have to take a NJ Path train to the stadium.

To get there, take the Governor's Island Ferry at South Ferry (next to the Subway stop).

Governor's Island, formerly a military base, is 172 acre island in the Manhattan Harbor. It was open to the public only a couple of years ago and is still under construction plans. 

Visiting Governor's Island was one of my favorite things we did this summer! There's plenty to do there with playgrounds for kids and free art exhibits, but the most fun thing to do is to rent bikes  and ride around the island (it's about 20 blocks). Bikes are available to rent from 2 hours to all day and there are no cars on the island.

You can also rent tandem bikes and quadrant-bikes!

 Biking around the island is very relaxing and great opportunity to see Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty.

Delightful Exploring!

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