Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Fun in the City {Delightful Adventures}

Here's what I've been up to for the past week in New York City!

There's been lots of city exploring this week and TONS of walking!

160 Convent Avenue
 I visited City College this week because it's one of the two campuses on which I will be working this summer. But, if you're into architecture, you have to visit this campus-free fun! The Gothic architecture of city college is beautiful. 

Central Park-Paddle Boats and the Sheep Meadow

 This was one of my favorite things we did this week! There's so much to do in Central Park, but for a relaxing day, the paddle boats are perfect. They cost $12 an hour with a $20 deposit that you receive back when you are finished.

It was a beautiful day and I saw fabulous views-

The bridge in front of the city

The castle

Cityscape from the lake

Local wild life

My husband being a stud

And the Sheep Meadow is so relaxing (I nearly fell asleep lying on it) and has a beautiful view of Manhattan.

Yes, that's the top of Rockefeller Center.

Jeff and I have so many pictures from Top of the Rock-it's a little out of control. Two of them are from before we were even dating. I can't help it-the powers that be make us go every time we are in NYC!

It's a coll place to visit, though. It has a great view of the city.

The powers that be also arranged a Double Decker bus tour-can we be anymore touristy?! It was great fun, though! We went with the Gray Line. I have nothing to compare it to, but they seemed to do a great job. It's a two hour guided bus ride around the city and weather was glorious.

It was fun learning about the city's history, but it was really hard to get good photos because the bus never stopped.

More to come next Friday!

Delightfully Exploring the City,

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  1. So fun. And it is perfectly appropriate to be a tourist at times. How can you NOT there? There's so much fun stuff to do.

    Give KBouch a big ol hug for me. Wait, he may not like that. Tell him I said hi.


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