Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fun in the City-Art, Trains, Cheese, and Giant Rats

A few weeks ago, I posted about how I am spending most of my summer in New York City. So, that means temporary changes on my blog for the summer! Faux Fridays and Find It and Make It Fridays will be put on hiatus until I return home.

For the Summer, Fridays will be "Friday Fun in the City," where I will briefly post about my travel adventures throughout the week. My hope is it will entertain you and also give you ideas if you wish to travel to NYC-and you should!


I live two doors down from the Empire State Building. No joke. My neighbors are Forever 21 and GAP. And across the street lives H&M. God is testing my will power this summer! But seriously, this is a fabulous area to go shopping for affordable, cute clothes (W. 34th Street). There's another cute store nearby called Strawberries (right next door to the ESB) and near Bryant Park (which is two blocks down from me) lies my favorite NYC jewelry/accessory shop Laila Rowe

I killed time Tuesday night trying on dresses at H&M and taking photos to show my husband later. I have to wait to purchase-we're on a budget. But, that's OK because if they sell out my size there's two other H&Ms close by!

 1000 5th Ave.

I've been to the Metropolitan Museum of art before, but it never gets old-there's so much to see! Best of all, you can pay as you wish. Yep, I paid $3 to get in. That's what the New Yorkers do-ignore the suggested donation of $20. 
My favorite sections are the Egyptian art (they have a huge tomb given to them by Egypt!), American furniture and house decor from the Regency and Victorian eras (they set them up like actual rooms!), the old European church pieces from the 16th century (not paintings-I mean the carvings in church gates, pews, etc), and the Jewish art.  

On this trip, I experienced the fun and relaxing rooftop for the first time.

 I decided that if I ever quit my job, I will become a children's tour guide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of my favorite parts of the day was when I walked by a group of little kindergartners sitting on the floor, staring up at a huge portrait of a child in a frilly, ruffled one-piece bloomer set. "Even though this painting is HUGE, this child is your age-5!" said the tour guide enthusiastically. "oh..." murmured the children. "And guess what?!" she added, "This is a painting of a BOY!" "uh???" gasped all the children in great surprise. Hilarious.

Grand Central Station and Bryant Park

I've been to both these places more times than I can count. But, my husband and I decided to roam around and play with our camera that we're still figuring out how to use.

Some people think this is the fountain used in the opening credit of "Friends." This one or the one in Central Park. Well, sorry to break it to you-that fountain isn't really in NYC. It was a prop set up in a Hollywood studio and now resides on Warner Ranch. It's not and never has been in NYC.

I love Bryant Park for many reasons-I love reading there and I love all their free activities like Broadway in Bryant Park, where the cast from shows perform numbers for free!

Shopping for Cheesy Souvenirs

As part of our welcome bags for staff and students, we give cheap, cheesy I heart NY key chains to keep their apartment keys on. Picking these up was an adventure in itself. Some random dude stopped and asked me if I was from England. When I told him no, he said oh and laughed and walked away. Not sure what that was about!

I perused one store, not looking at anything in particular, and while attempting to leave was chased down by a clerk who kept yelling, "You like? You like? I give you a cheaper price!" Oh come on. I lived in China-I know how this game works and P.S. "Bu yao Ni ge donxi anyway." (I don't want your stuff!) Not an insult to Chinese people, btw-I just don't prefer their shopping culture. 

The Rat
This is so funny and stupid that I can't help loving it. I was strolling down Lexington when I saw this:

Placing an ugly inflatable giant rat outside of a business that has ticked you off is the new adult way to handle things in NYC! You see, the streets are public so the business owners can't do anything. ha ha. 

You can read about the yummy food I ate this week here.

Delightfully Exploring the City,


  1. Love the pics! I heart New York. We had Bryant Park growing up (like 5 min from my house, on the lake) and I still maintain they stole the name from us. :)

  2. Please tell me you saw the Go-Go's in Bryant Park this morning! Not sure what the staff sched is but I think I'd be at the GMA summer concert every Friday morning.

  3. Stopping by from SITS. I love NYC and hope to get back someday in the near future. Wow, you must have incredibly will power to live outside of such cute affordable stores!


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