Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charleston, SC-Around the Town {Delightful Adventures}

Back in December, my husband and I took a trip to Charleston, SC for our one year anniversary. It was my first trip there, but it will not be my last! I love this city!

I love it because it has so much character and history-and it reminds me of England. Charleston is very British looking because it was first settled by the British in the 1600s. Known as "The Holy City," Charleston was one of the first cities to have religious tolerance in the US. Church steeples are prominent and Charleston is home to one of the oldest Jewish congregation in the US as well as many Unitarians.

There's much to see around town-we spent a day just exploring on foot and taking a carriage tour. Here are some fun things we saw!

Where We Stayed

First of all, let me brag on The King Charles Inn, where we stayed. It's actually a Best Western, but it's really nice. This is what our room looked like:

It's nicer AND yet cheaper than many places in Charleston! Granted, we went in December, on the off season, so we got an amazing rate on our room! 

The service is great, but the best part about it is that is located right downtown on Meeting Street, in walking distance from the Market and many places. AND they have free parking, which is hard to come by in Charleston!

It was unseasonably cold when we went (this always happens to me!) so we saw lots of this

Charleston isn't sure what to do with freezing cold!

Our Carriage Tour

One of the most famous parts of Charleston is their carriage tours. It is totally worth the money! It's fun to ride around town in a carriage and learn the history of the city and see many beautiful historical buildings. We went with Old South Carriage Company and were impressed with them. Their horses have their own facebook profiles. I mean, that's reason enough to go with them. Make sure to pick up a city guide as you can find coupons for the tour companies inside!

Fun Things We Saw:

 The oldest church in Charleston

Cool Charleston Houses

 Ye Old Prison

 More Cool Houses

 Lots of these...By the way, will someone tell me if the Palmetto tree is really native to SC? I am skeptical...

The History nerd in me was salivating through the whole ride as we learned fun pieces of history about the city and its architecture.
I also learned why Unitarian Cemeteries look like a total mess (But I won't give it away-you have to go find out for yourself!)

Strolling Around

We spent a day walking around the city to catch the stuff we missed on the carriage tour (they are required to take certain routes). We also window shopped, as there are many fun places to shop in Charleston!
Fun things we saw:

 The Customs House

 The Old City Market-People often mistake this as being an old market where people sold slaves, but it is not. Actually, it is where slaves sold handmade goods they made. Now, people set up booths and sell random things like jelly, sweet grass baskets, and pashminas.

 Downtown was decorated for Christmas! Palmettos and all!

 Pineapple Fountain at the Waterfront Park

 Rainbow Row-a fun row of colorful houses. One of my favorite things in Charleston!

 Swanky houses where really rich people live.

 The old cannons at Battery Park

Cobblestone Roads!

I will write more about Charleston in the future. In the meantime, go visit it for yourself!

Delightfully Traveling,

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  1. I forgot how much I liked Charleston until I read your review! :) I remember that when we went my mom was SO scared of the crazy high bridges!


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