Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Baking Party from Our Daily Obsessions {Festive Delights}

Amy from Our Daily Obsessions recently posted about the Birthday Baking Party she threw for her daughter Ava's birthday. It is to die for adorable!

Her Invitations consisted of homemade cookies in a bag with the invitations stuck on the outside.

Her Decorations and Snacks:

I LOVE this dessert table! Amy made the decorations herself. Isn't the cupcake liner banner adorable and ingenious?!

Here are some closeups of her decor, including Subway art she created about her daughter:

And this lovely cake was made by a friend:


The kids participated in baking and frosting their own cookies!

This is probably my favorite part-Amy made adorable little aprons for each of the kids and included a little rolling pin with each.
Too cute for words! P.S. She sells these and also may be posting a tutorial soon, so visit her blog! 
She also made a special chef hat for the birthday girl.

Am I too old to have one of these parties??

Thanks Amy, for allowing me to feature your amazing party!

Delightfully Celebrating,

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  1. Great feature, April. What an adorable party! I love the pink, red, and blue.


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