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UK Love 21-25: Delightful Adventures

I sat down to write my top 10 favorite things about the United Kingdom and I couldn't stop! So, here are 35, but in seven parts. You can also read 1-5, 6-10 , 11-15 and 16-20.  More coming soon!

April's 35 Favorite Memories/Things About the UK (21-25)
In No particular order
21. Paddington Bear
  Before I get into Paddington, let me just say-I think my sister and were in competition for who could have the most awesomely bad 80s haircut. You can't tell because my party in the back is pulled back, but I had a mullet. I win!

Anyway, what's not to love about Paddington? He's a polite and curious bear, an orphan from Peru, and he loves orange marmalade. He tries very hard to do right, but always finds himself in trouble. What kid can't relate?
I watched Paddington probably every day of my childhood and read all the books. I had (and still have) a stuffed Paddington. In the books, they always mentioned that he had black ears. My Paddington had weird stuffing in his hat, so I pulled it all out to see if his ears were black-and sure enough-they are!

22. Tea and Scones

 I love tea time. It's perhaps the best British tradition ever. I loved going to get tea and scones with my family. For some reason, we always did this in Lavenham, a medieval city near where we lived.  (A little trivia for you-parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were filmed there!)

We also had tea time with our British friends. My favorite tea time treats were raspberry Swiss cake rolls.


I want to start a "Bring Back Tea Time" movement here. Seriously. But I'm not sure anyone would join me. 

23. Fish and Chips

I don't like fish. I blame it on too much of this. I remember walking through town to this hole-in-the-wall place and eating fish and chips. Good memories.

24. Walls Ice Cream
Cornettos-mmm. My favorite was mint chocolate chip. I also liked the Feast bar. I once found a Feast bar in an airport in China. Hadn't had one in YEARS. It was 9 in the morning and the bar cost like 30 RMB but I bought it and ate it anyway.

25. The Great Storm of '87
I tell people how I once slept through a hurricane. "Where?" In England. "Whatever-England doesn't have hurricanes." GOOGLE IT! In October of 1987, hurricane force winds hit the south of England and killed 18 people. 
My family was up all night, mainly because I mindlessly left the shed door open and it slammed open and shut all night. I slept through the whole thing. The next morning, I awoke to rain and fallen trees EVERYWHERE.

This is what it looked like in the wooded are near my house.

School was canceled and all the neighborhood kids danced in the rain because we didn't have to go to school. We didn't know people died.

Delightfully Reminiscing,


  1. As an English lass, I'm enjoying your reminiscences and a lot of them remind me of my own childhood. HOwever, this time, I'm surprised and confused. Tea time? What? This doesn't happen! For those of us in the midlands and north tea time is when you have your main meal of the day around 6pm. (Dinner being at midday for us). The only people I've ever heard talk about "afternoon tea" or teatime at 4pm with cakes/scones and tea is my foreign students from when I taught English. I'm not convinced this is an English habit and think it was a family habit instead.

    I do however agree with you about Paddington (and the hurricaine - I was on holiday in a caravan at the time - it was scary!!), though these days he's on TV advertising Marmite. Will Marmite be popping up in you England posts?

  2. We didn't have tea every day-it was a special occasion. And with our friends, we have done it at dinner time. Or maybe they just did it with us because we were foreigners? haha

  3. Oh, those Raspberry Swiss rolls. That picture is just cruel. Miss them so much. Auntie Helen is the one who used to do tea with us and it was usually around 4:00. I doubt she would do it just for us. Maybe it is more of a southern England thing?

  4. YUMMY : ) Everything you mentioned here was so yummy. My sister and I had those fabulous haircuts as well : ) We were total super stars!

  5. Hey :)
    Nice post, I like England, too. However, I'm not sure if wall's icecream really counts, because it's all over the world! Actually I don't know were it's from originally, but here in Germany it's called Langnese, in Netherland it's Ola, in Italy it's Algida and even Australia has it called streets. Only USA seems to be missing :(

  6. Walls is all over, but it was started in England.


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