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UK Love 6-10: Delightful Adventures

I sat down to write my top 10 favorite things about the United Kingdom and I couldn't stop! So, here are 35, but in six parts. You can also read 1-5. More coming soon!

April's 30 Favorite Memories/Things About the UK (6-10)
In No particular order
6. British and Australian Soap Operas

East Enders (British)

This is still on and you can watch it in the US on PBS. Sometimes I do to reminisce. It's soap opera about people who live in the East End of London, which is the working class/poorer section of London. It has an annoyingly catchy song and looks like it was filmed in a basement with a home camera. at least it did in the 80s.

Neighbors (Australian)

This is a show about adults and teens who live on Ramsay Street in Melbourne. Strange for a kid to watch? Well, of course I watched for these two:

Scott and Charlene played by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, who also were my favorite pop stars. They were the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake of the the 80s in Europe.

7. Heather and Sheep

 I love Scotland. This is what it looks like to drive through it-purple and sheep. Love it!

8- Little Street Shops
We don't have these in the US. I love them because they have such character and are so British. My sister and I would walk or rife our bikes to the nearest corner store in Trimley St. Martin where we lived. We'd buy candy, ice cream and candy cigarettes-back when they were allowed to sell them.

9- Seeing Princess Diana
Princess Di is such a British icon and I got to see her in a parade in Suffolk! Here's the really bad 80s picture to prove it:

10- Playing at the North Sea, Great Yarmouth
Many a sweet memory of family times center around the North Sea! We lived really close to the beach, so we went there quite a bit. Here's a picture of my sister and I. Check out my hoochie shirt.
Oh that red ball....we bought that ball on the boardwalk and then my sister dropped it in the water and the waves took it away. I cried. So we bought another one-except it was blue. It was ran over by a truck a couple of weeks later while we were playing Four Square. It popped. I cried again.

I loved walking on the shore of the North Sea with my sister and parents, eating Walls ice cream. My favorites were "The Feast" bar and Mint Chocolate chip cone. Yum. My parents took us swimming at this huge pool that had a wave machine and a water slide!

And Great Yarmouth was always magical to me as a child.

It's like a carnival at the beach!

Sweet Memories,


  1. Eastenders is still my favourite programme! The filming is much better now, sometimes they even try to be artistic with the camera work!

  2. Oh, the memories! These posts are awesome.
    "It was ran over by a truck a couple of weeks later while we were playing Four Square. It popped. I cried again."
    That was the strangest thing ever because it was a huge semi truck driving way too fast down our neighborhood road ON BASE. I assume it was a moving truck, why else would it have been in the base housing area? But they NEVER drove that fast. I'm sure they weren't supposed to be.

  3. I feel like my trip to London would've been much more interesting if I had known you at the time - you could've shown me what the locals do.

  4. Love your post! I loved Great Yarmouth as a child ( ts very different now!) but I still take my own children there every year! The swimming pool with the wave machine ( if it was the same one!) was called the Marina, and I loved that place too!
    Sadly my parents split up when I was only 12, so our family holidays to Yarmouth stopped there, but this was such a lovely reminder of a fabulous childhood, one I hope I am giving to my own kiddies!
    Di you ever go to Joyland? The little funfair that was further up the road? It had a Spaceship in and there was the mini Snails roller-coaster! Ps Eastenders is still going strong! lol :-D

  5. There are some amazing places here in the UK, I live in a very English Village called Wendover (google Wendover Bucks Hp226rs on google maps if you want to see :-) , with eleven pubs, three little tea-rooms, lots of hills and woods, and everyone knows everyone else ( which can sometimes be annoying!) But to be honest I do take it all for granted! My children say its too quiet but I know deep down they love it here really. Thanks again for your post, I did enjoy it. :-)


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