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UK Love 16-20: Delightful Adventures

I sat down to write my top 10 favorite things about the United Kingdom and I couldn't stop! So, here are 35, but in seven parts. You can also read 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15.  More coming soon!

April's 35 Favorite Memories/Things About the UK (16-20)
In No particular order
16. Scotland

 I love this picture! I am pretty sure my dad tickled me right before it was shot. That's something he would do!
I know, like London, Scotland is an awfully big category. But, I just love it. My family took many a vacation there. British people are friendly and Scottish people are every one's next door neighbor. This part of the country is so beautiful. 

 This is how much I love Scotland-here is me and my friend Nikki dancing a Scottish jig at the Highland Games.

17. Bed and Breakfasts

We never stayed in hotels. There are a plethora of B&Bs in the UK. They're so charming and fun. I loved to see the unique rooms and grounds of each Bed and Breakfast. The breakfast was the best, though. We always ate with the other guests, many who were British and got a kick out of talking to little American girls. I looked forward to the breakfast-cornflakes, toast with orange marmalade, eggs, and of course, hot tea with SUGAR CUBES!

 18. "Clyde"

Speaking of B&Bs-this one was one of my favorites. They had a dog and he was fabulous. He loved us AND he would go down to the river near the house with us. When we threw rocks into the water, he would chase after them. His name was Kyle-but I called him Clyde much to my Dad's amusement.

19- The Camping Trip From Hell
OK, now it's funny
 I was in an American Girl Scout troop. I learned lots of valuable things, like how to make trail mix and pitch a tent-and what not to do when it rains while you're camping. This was my first camping trip-I like to refer to it as The Camping Trip from Hell. I am surprised it didn't scare me away from camping forever.

The first half was great, but then we took this hike-it was supposed to be a short hike, but I am pretty sure our leaders didn't know where we were going. I am pretty sure we hiked like nine miles. 

Then there were these boys. They were camping too. The older ones were flirting with the the older girls-the juniors (my sister and her friends). The younger ones did stuff like chase me down a hill with a stick.

And then it rained-no, poured. "Whatever you do-do NOT touch the side of your tents!" they told us. This was the 80s before they had rain guards on tents and everyone who camps knows that if you touch the sides of the tent, it starts leaking. So what did the older girls do? Touched the sides of their tent. It started raining in their tent. What did us little girls do? Slept. well, until the leaders' tent collapsed. Our camping trip ended at like 2 am and we all got on the bus and left.

20- Pony Camp

 There was a stable near my house and for one week, I went to pony camp. I learned how to take care of a pony-wash it and brush it. I also learned how to ride-mosey, trot, even cantor. I also learned how to jump the pony over a pole. It is one of my most favorite weeks of my life EVER.

Delightful Adventuring,


  1. The Camping Trip from Hell description was the best!!!

  2. Thanks, sis! Hey, you didn't point out my typos this time :-) haha I already changed them.

  3. There is something great about Europe. Clyde must have been a lovely playmate.



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