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UK Love: 11-15: Delightful Adventures

I sat down to write my top 10 favorite things about the United Kingdom and I couldn't stop! So, here are 35, but in seven parts. You can also read 1-5 and 6-10.  More coming soon!

April's 35 Favorite Memories/Things About the UK (11-15)
In No particular order

 11. Ed the Duck and Wilson

Edd the Duck is the above cute little duck who appeared on one of the BBCs. Wilson (the hands) is a Butler and Edd's arch nemesis. We only saw his hands and arms. Edd wouldn't talk, but hold up signs and sometimes Wilson would try to cover Edd's sign with his own. Edd loved Kylie Minogue and frequently held up signs saying so. And I loved Edd.

12. Miniature Ponies

Here is little me petting one.

Yes, we have this in the USA, but they originated in the UK and that's where I first saw them. I still want one, but my husband says they are not conducive to apartment living downtown. Whatevs. It can sleep in the living room.

13. Castles
There are a lot of them in the UK. Nearly 159 of them are still standing. We visited a good handful of them!
This is Framlingham Castle

And this is me at Framlingham Castle

One thing I distinctly remember about these castles is there were LOTS of stairs and they were tiny and sometimes winding.

14. London
Alright, I know London is a BIG city and it's hard to sum it up in one paragraph. But, I love it. Maybe it's why I love cities as an adult. The lights of Piccadilly Circus mesmerized me as a child.

 {img src} 

I loved seeing Buckingham Palace, the Beef Eaters, the guards

Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, crown jewels, The Tower of London,

West End, St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum and TONS more. I just loved the hustle and bustle of the city-probably because I was a high-strung child.

One thing I remember is the punk rockers with their brightly colored Mohawks. Punk rock was huge in the UK in the 80s. And I liked to point out the punks when I saw them...hopefully I didn't embarrass my parents.

15. Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum
 This is located in London, but gets its own mention because I was absolutely fascinated with this place as a child. There Madame Tussuad's in several countries/cities, but London was the original that Madame Tussuad opened herself-and it contains some of her wax works.

Don't ask me why I was fascinated. It's kind of creepy, especially the Chamber of Horrors. But my parents still let me go through the Chamber of Horrors, except we were not allowed to look at one display-you had to look through a window to see it. I'm pretty sure they kept us away from the bloody stuff too because I don't remember it.

Lovin' the UK,

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  1. Oh Edd the Duck! I haven't thought about him in years! And I'd completely forgotten about Wilson. Do you also remember Gordon the Gopher? I think he was in the Broom Cupboard before Edd...


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