Monday, November 1, 2010

Delightful Adventures: The Museum of Natural History NYC

Just because this section is titled "Delightful Adventures" doesn't mean they are always that delightful! However, I AM easily amused, so I found the Museum of Natural History in New York City somewhat fascinating during my first visit in 2007.

Although, I DID make fun of the fact that they had a Mythic Creatures display at the Museum of NATURAL history. And I was with my friend Abby who tends to make things more hilarious than they normally would be. For example, she told the old dude working in the dinosaurs section that she didn't believe dinosaurs actually ever existed (which is not really true-she knows they did). "Is this part of the Mythic Creatures display?" she asked. "Oh no!" exclaimed the man passionately and then proceeded to give us a personal tour of the dinosaur section, trying to convince us that dinosaurs did indeed exist at one time.

"Is this dinosaur married to this one?" My then 24-year old friend asked the man, like a 5-year old. "Oh no," he answered seriously. "I don't think that would be possible for them," Hahaha Oh, Abs, I miss you-hope you're having a fun scheming in India!

I went to the museum again this past March because my husband wanted to go. It wasn't so interesting the 2nd time around. Apparently it wasn't so interesting for Jeff the first time around. He describes it as "a disappointment." "It's just full of stuffed animals!" He says.

If only they came to life, like in the movies...*sigh*

One section I do enjoy is the cultures section, where they display items from different cultures and religions. I've always been fascinated by other cultures and people from other cultures.

If you're going to NYC and have never been, The Museum of Natural History is a good stop-especially if you have kids. But, if you've been once, you can probably skip a second trip. Also, FYI-they have a "suggested donation" listed but you can pay anything you want to enter the museum. You just say, "I am paying this." Not joking-some of our students paid a dollar.  Of course, the money helps upkeep the museum, so paying a fair price is good. A dollar was a fair price for these students.

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  1. This museum has been on my wish list for many years. Hope I get there one day.


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