Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Delightful Adventures: Things In an Asian Zoo You Will Never See in the USA

One of the craziest places in Kunming, China is the Wild Animal Park. Usually, zoos in China are depressing, but this one is more like a zoo in the USA...well...except for a few things...

Me feeding a bear by dangling a carrot into his cage.

Even worse:

This crate was just randomly sitting on the ground next to the hog's pit...And no, your eyes do not deceive you, those holes are big enough to stick both your hands through no problem.

Feeding a lion with a stick!

The lions getting the meat on a stick

This picture comes courtesy of my friends Josh and Danielle, who are teachers in Asia. I am EXTREMELY jealous because when I was there, they did not have baby lions that you could pay $2 to hold! I fume every time I see this picture. Of course, a small child did get his head bit off at a zoo nearby when his parents decided it would be a good idea to get his picture with a lion. 

Crazy things I don't have a picture of:
- The pen where parents can pay for their children to chase poor, helpless birds and catch them with a net. They then set the birds free to be chased and caught by more little kids.What happened to a simple petting zoo?

- Because it's a "wild animal park" you drive through a section of it in a tour cart and it is normal for the car to have to stop because a llama won't move out of the way

-A random dude riding around on an elephant through the park

Other awesome sights:

The rarely seen Red Panda 

The not rarely seen couple making out in public. We lovingly refer to this as "Chinese PDA." They can't help it-they have no where else to go. There's people everywhere!

Loving Asia,


  1. I'm pretty sure we don't have these things in our zoos because we have laws that protect us.....and more importantly protect animals from us doing things like wacking them in the face with a carrot or chasing them around a pen. Not sure how I feel about this Zoo.

  2. If its track record on human rights is any clue, animal rights isn't anywhere on Chinese radar. There is nothing delightful about this. But, perhaps you were being ironic. This is a very sad post.

  3. It's true, they do not care much for human or animal rights. And there are many sad things at this zoo-like the kids chasing the poor birds and catching them in nets. BUT this zoo is actually nicer than most zoos in this country. They at least live in spacious cages of their natural habitat and not in concrete boxes, chained to a wall, like most of the zoos there (well minus that poor cat in the box). And yes, I was being ironic about most of it-I developed a cynicism about most things like this after living there. Oh and I didn't wack the bear in the face with the carrot. I DO think there are many inhumane things that go on at this zoo, but I do not think that is one of them, which is why I did it. Thanks for sharing your concern, though.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. I'm sure YOU didn't wack the bear....but you know some mean person couldn't help themselves and used it to tease the bear. If Everyone was kind and humane there wouldn't be a problem...

  5. That IS true:-) Just wanted to clarify that I don't like teasing bears. :-) Also, I think the rest of the stuff is ridiculous, which is why I posted it! But, I am glad this concerns people!

  6. That red panda looks like a fox to me. How rare are they? Are they around in the wild anywhere?

  7. Yeah, they look like raccoons but apparently are related to pandas. I think they are in the wild, but only found in China-and I think they are endangered like the giant panda. I could be wrong though.

  8. Actually, they are found in India, Nepal and Bhutan too but they are endangered.


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