Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delightful Adventures: New York City-Indian Row is Hilarious

When you visit New York City, you have to eat on East 6th Street, Manhattan. What is lovingly referred to as "Indian Row" may possibly be more entertaining than Mama Mia on Broadway. Let me paint you a picture:

You are walking with your friends down East 6th Street when you notice you are passing rows of Indian restaurants, delis, and grocery stores. "Let's get some Indian food!" you suggest. But at which place should you eat? They all look the same-small, plain buildings with little or no windows.

Then the managers come out. They each begin pleading with you to come into their restaurant, not the others. They shout out their credentials in order to lure you in-"My restaurant is more authentic!" shouts one manager. "But, my restaurant has better food!" shouts the other. "If you come to mine, I will give you a free bottle of wine!" shouts yet another.

As you watch them argue back and forth-and you may even want to egg them on just for fun, you decide upon a restaurant. It doesn't really matter which one you choose. It's all a rouse. They're all actually owned by the same guy, serve the same food, and look exactly the same on the inside. Like this:

As you can see, every inch of the tiny box of a restaurant is filled with people. The walls are covered in newspaper, photos, "happy birthday" signs, and blinky Christmas lights. And yes, the entire ceiling is covered in those glittery, shiny hangings and streamers. You begin to wonder how on earth they pass inspection, don't get busted by the fire martial. and what you're friend next to you could be saying under the blaring Indian music and surrounding conversations. Not to mention, you're probably wondering what they're hiding under all those newspapers and lights.

The waiter takes your order and immediately asks, "Are you having a celebration?" Odd question... Fortunately, it is your birthday. This means at the end of the meal, you will receive ice cream with a candle stuck in it and the waiters will blare an Indian-pop version of "Happy Birthday To You" from their stereo. You should probably know that even though it really IS your birthday, everyone in the restaurant is having a birthday. The Indian-pop "Happy Birthday" comes blaring out about ever two minutes and the entire restaurant sings along and celebrates.

The food is decent, though I don't like Indian food (I just ate the nan). My friends, who like Indian food, enjoyed the meal. However, they didn't enjoy it as much as the hilariously ridiculous atmosphere! Seriously if you love adventure and experiencing the ridiculous, you must eat here! If you're more of the "I don't like absolute chaos" type of person, you probably want to eat at one of the nicer Indian restaurants on East 6th.

Jeff (Now husband, Then friend), my friend Larissa, and my friend Denise-check out the decor behind them

Me, Edwin, Stacie and Ryan. How did they know it was my birthday?!

I think Santa Clause threw up on the ceiling.

Delightfully Having Adventures (And Encouraging You to Do So Too!),

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  1. The one we went to was called Milon, if anyone is wondering. It did happen to be the day Hoban and Stacy got engaged so they played something other than happy birthday but I can't remember what the song was. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed going back to it with friends this summer during our road trip :)


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