Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delightful Adventures: What I did in Bangkok

Most people who visit Bangkok visit Buddhist temples, go to spas, take bike tours, tour the Grand Palace, eat authentic Thai food. That's probably the must-see places you should go to in Bangkok. But, that's not what I did...

Usually, I will obnoxiously leap at the opportunity to experience a new culture. But, as I was going to tour many places in Thailand (and some more rural-those blog posts are to come!), I decided to not culture it up in Bangkok. You see, I had been studying abroad in a city in China with very little Western comforts. I was half-way through the year and ready to eat some steak and go to Starbucks. So that's what I did every day. I am not joking. I ate at Outback 3 meals in a row.

BUT, I did do two things in Bangkok that I highly recommend, so I will tell you about them now.

The Lazy Boy Cinema

No joke. The picture on the right is of a different Lazy Boy Cinema. The one inside the Siam Discovery Shopping Mall boasts large red, cushy Lazy Boy recliners. You pay a lot of money (It was $12 in 2004) to see a regular movie, but reclined in a Lazy Boy chair. You also get a blanket, pillow, socks AND they bring your drinks and popcorn to you!  My friend Charity fell asleep during Return of the King and I am surprised I did not fall asleep during Master and Commander.

Tip: Wait to recline until the movie begins because they will play the Thailand national anthem and you are expected to stand up to honor the king!

Chatuchak Weekend Market
All the information you need to get there can be found HERE.

This market is so fun! It's a huge market filled with a variety of vendors who sell everything from food to local crafts to Thai silk to Nike rip-offs. Bargaining is a good skill to have here (bleh). It's a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs-especially Thai silk or items made from Thai silk (I bought some fabulous pillow covers).

Hope you get a chance to visit!

Delightfully Lazing it Up at the Movies,


  1. At the theater, are the drinks and popcorn included in the price? If so, that's really a pretty good deal!!! For Lazy Boys and snacks here, it would probably be like $30 - absurd.

  2. No, the snacks were not included in the price.


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