Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nuptial Delight: 3 Guestbook Ideas

Want more than just the typical "Sign-in" guestbook for your wedding? Here are three alternative guestbook ideas:

1. Photobook

I've seen several bride and grooms use this idea, including myself! The guestbook features pictures of the bride and groom and guests can either sign around the pictures or in an allotted space. The great thing about the photobook guestbook is that you can display it as a coffee table book in your home.

How does one get a photobook guestbook? There are several options. One is to make a digital photobook on sites such as  Shutterfly or Snapfish. Another option is to make your own, using a scrapbook. Just attach photos and allot space for signatures and messages. I ordered a photo guestbook from Etsy, which had personalized pages printed for signatures with a space for a photo on the opposite page. We attached the photos before the wedding.

2. Signed Frame

This "guestbook" is actually a framed photo of the bride and groom that is matted with signable matting. Guests can sign and write messages around the photo. The fun aspect of this type of guestbook is that you can frame it and display it in your home. It's an ever-present memory of the people who love you and attended your wedding.

3. The Heart-Shaped Box

This eco-friendly cardboard box is a unique and cute guestbook alternative. It is made with honeycomb holes where guests can leave a note on colorful slips of paper. This "guestbook" can also be put on display after the wedding on the coffee table. Visit mindyweiss.com to purchase.

Delightful Guestbooking!

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  1. Those are unique ideas! I really liked the signed picture one. What a great way to be able to have them readable anytime you want. thanks for sharing.


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