Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Delightfully Creative: Mother's Day Card

I made this card after a design I saw in Crafts N Things. I didn't follow their pattern exactly, I just copied the design using my own materials, but felt I needed to give them credit!

So, here's a cute Mother's Day card just in time for Mother's Day!

Size:  4 1/2 Inch Square
Time: 20-30 Minutes

All materials were purchased at Target (letter stickers, card stock), Michael's (Martha Stewart flower punch, buttons, ribbon) and Hobby Lobby (pink frame).

The text says: "My life is so blessed because you are in it." This is the only part of the card I don't love because my handwriting is atrocious. I tried. The bow does not actually cover the text-that happened in the scanner (oops!).

I will take this opportunity to announce that Mondays will now be "Make-It Monday" where I will feature a new craft or DIY project I've made myself OR I will link up to another fabulous project of someone else's (depending on how busy I am!)

Delightfully Creating Cards,

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  1. Very nice! You do good work-- found you via SITS! Come visit me, too--



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