Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Delightful Adventures: Off-Beat NYC-Take a Trapeze Class (I did!)

New York city is a wonderful city full of innumerable things to do and see. When going for the first time, I highly recommend seeing the usual tourist attractions. But, if you're looking for something off-beat and adventurous, visit The Trapeze School, New York

I'm not kidding. It is AWESOME. I go to NYC at least once a year, so in 2008, I decided I wanted to do something offbeat during my free time. I found TSNY on google, signed up for a class, and convinced my friend Larissa to go with me. 

We took the flying trapeze class, which can cost from $50-$70, depending on when you take the class. You can visit the website linked above to see the class schedule and prices and sign up for a class.

During the two hour session, you fly about 4-5 times, learning a new trick each time.

First, they taught us, on the ground how to dismount onto the bar and pull our legs up, so we could hang from the bar upside down.

Then, you climb up the tall ladder and try it for real! Don't worry, you have a safety harness attached to you and a safety net below to catch you if you fall. The first time you fly, you simply jump off the platform and lift your legs up when they tell you and hang from the bar upside down.

They have you do it again and then they teach you how to somersault off the bar after you've flipped upside down. SO FUN!

Then, you get to do the ultimate trick-flip and hang upside down and then grab someone's arms, you know like they do at the circus.

This is one of the most exhilarating activities I've done! It is seriously worth the $50-$70. It also is great in boosting confidence and conquering fears of failure. And yes, that is me in all those pictures!

Delightfully Trapezing,


  1. Oh wow, what an amazing experience! It looks like SO much fun! Definitely worth the price, I'd imagine.

  2. I think that looks like so much fun! My niece did that in NYC as well! She said it was awesome!

  3. Just looking at your pictures makes me want to take that class. What a neat idea :)

  4. This is still one of my favorite things I have ever done! It was so much fun! I am so glad I go to do it with you :)

  5. That's pretty cool. If I ever go there I'll have to check it out. :)

  6. That looks so thrilling! I've been to NYC a zillion times doing some pretty off-beat stuff - but that is new to me! Good for you!!


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