Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nuptial Delights: The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Shows

I've heard many mixed reviews about wedding shows. I attended one last year and had some great outcomes-and some annoying ones. So, here are some Do's and Don'ts to remember when attending wedding shows.
  • DO Attend at least one show.-especially if you are looking for vendors. And find one that is well-established. Wedding shows get a bad rap, BUT they can be helpful if you handle them wisely (hence this list for help). The entrance fee usually isn't too bad and you can find something great. I found my florist at a wedding show and she was extremely affordable and did an AMAZING job. She was one of the easiest and best vendors to work with.
  • DO Try Free Samples. I mean, they are free! The best part of wedding shows is trying yummy food, like cheesecake balls and pieces of wedding cake! My husband (then fiance) also got free photo booth pictures-it was fun! I also received a goody bag with lots of fun stuff.
  • DO Ask Questions. That's why the vendors spend a Saturday doing a wedding show-to promote their business and answer a million people's questions in one sitting. You can get a lot accomplished if you interview vendors at the show. It can cut the decision time in half.
  • DO Look For New Vendors. Especially if you are getting married on a budget. Up and coming businesses usually offer their services much cheaper, but same quality, because they are trying to get their business going.
  • DO take your fiance or a friend. Don't tackle one of these alone! There's power in numbers. It's much easier to say no to overly persistent vendors when you have some support.
  • DON'T Enter Every Give-Away. This was a mistake I made. I had people calling me to tell me I "won" a Disney vacation for weeks-and then asking me to spend more money in order to receive this gift. Also, Dillards was relentless once they had my information-even after I told them I was NOT going to register there. Use discretion when registering.
  • DON'T Be Flattered. Everyone will tell you, "Oh honey, your ring is SO BEAUTIFUL." Guess what. They tell everyone that. They just want to butter you up so you will hire them.
  • DON'T Expect to Look for a Dress. Wedding shows are all about vendors. The fashion shows tend to not be that great.
Delightfully Wed,

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