Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delightfully Nesting: Flowers to Brighten the Home

I've never arranged flowers before in my life, so when Jeff and I decided to go the D-I-Y flower route to brighten our home, I was a little nervous. I am not a flower arranger, but I AM a good copier.

At first, Jeff wanted a fake fichus tree and at first, I was on board. But, then I realized what a dusting nightmare that would be and I pleaded my case. He didn't care. While we were window shopping in a cute store downtown, one of their displays caught my eye. It was a large floor vase with flowers and greenery. We went to Michaels the next day.

I admit I was a little embarrassed carrying a huge vase around Michael's, placing flowers in it and pulling them back out, especially because the professional flower dude was just an aisle away. But, Jeff and I had a lot of laughs simply picking colors, varieties, and sizes we liked. Then, the proffessional dude walked by and told us it was beautiful. Ha. I hope he wasn't lying.

Oh, and the best part is EVERYTHING-flowers and vase-were half off! I am sure my sports-loving, engineer-minded husband never thought he'd be in Michael's picking out flowers.

I arranged them when we arrived home:

I like it. Then again, I am not a professional, but who cares as long as we enjoy it?!

I also saw this idea in a magazine and decided to copy it for an empty space in our TV stand. I found a cheap ceramic vase at AC Moore and bought the silk roses in a bunch at Michaels.

I had an empty planter sitting on our bookshelf, intending to fill it with something. Then, I saw another idea in a store and decided to make it myself. I love tulips and liked how this store had them arranged in a square and not too full-perfect for my planter! I made this by sticking silk tulips into a styrofoam square and covering the top with moss. I then placed it in the planter, wrapped in tissue paper to cover the rest of the moss. It took only 10 minutes and I made a huge mess with the moss, so it was fun.

Delighfully Nesting,

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  1. Beautiful! I love the white arrangement and I ALWAYS love tulips!


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