Monday, April 26, 2010

Delightful Adventures: Cruise Amusement Part 2: Cozumel, Mexico

San Miguel, Cozumel is a historically-rich, beautiful, fun tourist town. It was our favorite stop on our honeymoon cruise!

The de-embarkment area is a complete tourist-trap, with a myriad of stores and shops selling Mexican memorabilia like this fine sombrero that I modeled, but did not purchase:

We went downtown to experience the city, but before we did that, we went power snorkeling. Cozumel is knows for it's reefs, so we figured this was a good place to snorkel. And we were right!

We chose a short, one-hour tour so we would have time to shop and experience Cozumel. We chose power snorkeling, which made us and everyone else we told giggle. Power snorkeling is basically a lazy man's snorkeling. You snorkel with a powered motor which propels you to go faster in the water. I was afraid we would be there with a bunch of old people, but there were people our age!

It was glorious fun! I have never swam in water so clear and blue-I felt like a mermaid! We saw all sorts of cool ocean life-coral reef, a lion fish, a sea snake, an octopus, a king crab. My first snorkeling experience was AMAZING!

After our short snorkeling jaunt, we took a taxi downtown and ate lunch at Pancho's Backyard, which was muy delicious. I am not sure how authentic their Mexican food is since it is a very touristy area, but it was definitely some of the best Mexican I've tasted. And I eat a LOT of Mexican food! Jeff and I shared this sampler dish, so we could try everything.

We did all our shopping at Los Cinco Soles, which is connected to Pancho's Backyard. This store is huge, offers everything you need to buy in Mexico, and is reasonably priced. I was in shopping bliss. I highly recommend buying their famous vanilla for baking. You can even buy the vanilla beans straight up. We bought most of our Christmas gifts there. It was glorious.

After shopping, Jeff and I went out to explore the less touristy parts of the city because we love experiencing culture. Jeff bargained with a guy for a hammock because he enjoys that kind of thing (not me). We bought a soda from a guy wearing a UNC Chapel Hill hat and we gave him a hard time. Jeff was wearing an NC State shirt and told him the two teams were enemies. The guy thought it was amusing.

The only bad part of our Cozumel excursion was that it was too short! If I ever get the chance to go back, I would like to visit some of the Mayan ruins. We just didn't have time, sadly.

Delightfully Loving Cozumel,

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