Saturday, April 24, 2010

Delightful Adventures: Cruise Amusement-Part 1: On the Boat

First of all, I apologize for the lack of Fashion Friday this week. Life gets a little crazy sometimes!

Bright blue skies, the ocean for miles, delicious food and a couple of adventurous stops-this is how Jeff and I spent our honeymoon this past December. Neither of us had been on a cruise before, but it seemed relaxing and was affordable, so we went for it.

We went with the Carnival cruise line, which is known as "the party cruise." Jeff and I are not huge partiers, but we figured any cruise would be a "party cruise." We wanted a place where we could just relax and have little demands on our time and a cruise served that purpose.

Our first cruise experience was an OK one. We definitely enjoyed our excursions, but our time on the boat was not spectacular.

During the day, we went out on the deck, but it was extremely crowded. There was no use getting in the pool because I don't think there was an inch of space left in the pool. We did have fun hanging out in the kids' area (go figure) and going down the water slide!

We also relaxed in the sun a bit and walked around the ship. That's pretty much all there is to do, which I guess is good for a honeymoon!

In the evening, there's a myriad of activities offered-dancing, drinking, gambling, and shows. Jeff and I are not really into any of that and the show we saw was a bit cheesy. Everything else costs a LOT of money. That's where they get ya. We still had fun, though, spending time together.

The food was delicious and you can order as much as you want and it is included. It was nice not having to worry about that. And my favorite part: the towel animals!


If you can afford it, I recommend taking an all-inclusive resort vacation instead. we LOVED the stops-that was our favorite part. I recommend it unless you really enjoy the activities offered by the ship. Unfortunately, we could not afford a resort, but we still had a wonderful honeymoon on the cruise!

Part 2 and 3 are about our excursions-coming soon!

Delightfully Traveling,


  1. Oh awesome! Thanks for posting this; I am likely going to be going on a pretty big cruise near the end of the year, so stuff like this is definitely good to hear! ♡ I get a little motion sick, so I think that's my biggest concern. And I've never been on a cruise either, so it's something new!

  2. I never been on a cruise either (not a long one, anyway). My parents & in-laws have gone on a few & they seemed to enjoy them. I love to travel, so maybe someday. It sounds like fun!


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