Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the Gate City!

Welcome blogtrotters and other guests! Today I have the honor of being featured on Blogtrotting, a virtual world-tour which features blogs from all over the world and allows you to experience different cities via blog.
Welcome to Greensboro, NC!

Most people don't think of Greensboro as a place to visit, but I love this historically and culturally-rich city! It's the 3rd largest city in NC and the largest which makes up the metro area called the Triad (not to be confused with the Triangle, which is an hour away!). The Triad consists of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. Greensboro lies one hour east of the beautiful Appalachian mountains, and about three hours west of the Outer Banks. Not too shabby.

Most of Greensboro is made up of smaller suburban-like neighborhoods, but my husband I live in the Southside Neighborhood, close to downtown. Here is the view from our rooftop:

Let's start the morning with a cup of mocha from my favorite local coffee shop, The Coffee Break!

On the way, we'll drive through my fun neighborhood.

And by Good 'ole Nathanael Greene, Greensboro's namesake. (He was a general in the revolutionary War who led troops at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, which took place in Greensboro)

You'll also notice the LONG railroad, which runs by our apartment (and we love it!) Greensboro is called "The Gate City" because in the 19th century, it was the major railway hub for the state.

Let's explore some more of Greensboro's rich history (one of the favorite parts of my city!). We can visit Blandwood Mansion, the oldest building in Greensboro (built in 1795), which was the home of Governor Moorehead back in the day.

Next, we'll stroll around the Revolutionary War battlefield. Now, it's woodsy trail where I and many others enjoy walking or jogging.

Then, we'll take a spin aorund downtown, which consists of eclectic shops, art galleries, and hip resteraunts...

... And visit the refurbished Woolworth's Store where the Civil Rights Sit-In movement began. It's is now The International Civil Rights Museum.  On February 1, 1960, four black students from North Carolina A&T sat at the "whites only" counter, which catapulted a huge sit-in movement in Greensboro that spread throughout the South. This and other movements led to the desegregation of public businesses.

Speaking of college students (whom I delightfully work with), Greensboro is the home to five 4-year colleges, two community colleges and Elon Law School. Two of those colleges are historically black colleges-NC A&T and Bennett. Here is UNCG, our largest university:

Greensboro is also home to the ACC, so we host the ACC basketball tournaments. Most people are Carolina or Duke fans, but we are 100 percent Wolfpack fans!

We can also take a stroll around one of Greensboro's many gardens and parks. Literally "green," Greensboro belongs to the Deptartment of Energy's Cleanest Cities Hall of Fame. My personal favorite is the Aboretum, where I had my bridal portraits taken.
In the evening, we can enjoy the arts by one of Greensboro's many theater or dance companies...

... or if it's warm out, we can enjoy a Greensboro Grasshopper's minor league baseball game!

One of the other aspects about Greensboro that I love is that it is home to thousands of refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, African nations, etc. We have three refugee agencies in our city and a Newcomer's School, where children who speak little English and just moved to the States attend before they are grafted into a normal public school. It is not uncommon to be sitting in Starbucks and hear 2-3 languages spoken around you. I love the diversity!
Thanks for stopping by! Come back ya'll!! There's plenty more to do!

Delightfully Loving My City,


  1. your city sounds wonderful! i will make it to the east coast sometime again. i've ever only been to DC, but i'd love to see more. and the more i hear about the east coast, the more interested in it i become!

    great tour, stopping by from blogtrotting :)

  2. I love North Carolina, but admit I've never been to Greensboro. My grandma lives near Boone, and we've taken several trips to Grandfather Mtn and Tweetsie Railroad on our visits there :)

    Thanks for the tour; your city is beautiful! I love all the history.

  3. Those pictures are amazing and beautiful. I love college towns, they have so much to offer. I think I want to live on your street and go to that coffee house. I love the looks!

  4. Beautiful city. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Excellent tour! Thanks for sharing your city. It is beautiful. Perhaps this will be our roundabout detour on the way home from the Outer Banks this year!

  6. Your neighborhood and city just look delightful!

    How cool is the name Greensboro Grasshoppers?! Love that!

    Thanks for a fantastic tour!

  7. You just made me like our city even more!!! Great virtual tour!

  8. I love college towns and towns with a lot of history! Thanks for the tour.

  9. It's so green and beautiful - makes me want to visit! I fell in love with North Carolina when I went to a month long Outward Bound course after I graduated college (which was like, a million years ago). So you definitely have a fan here! Excellent tour!

  10. Sounds like a fantastic place to live. I love your bridal pics. Fascinating tour. Thanks.

  11. Hello to you from France (though as often as not I'm in England). I'm visiting you through Blogtrotting and I've really enjoyed reading and learning about your city.

  12. Stopping by from Blogtrotting :-)

    How beautiful! Your photos are fabulous! I need to add Greensboro to my list of NC cities. We love to visit High Country in the winter to get our taste of snow. How far are you from Boone or Charlotte?

    We are planning a fall trip to pick apples this October. We love NC!

  13. Greensboro is about an hour-an hour and a half from Charlotte, depending on where on Charlotte. And it is about 2 hours from Boone.


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