Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Labling IS Good

I am not the queen of organization, as I've mentioned before. But, I am learning.

My husband decided he wanted labels on our bookshelf (we have a ton of books-and he is more organized than me). His plan was to stick little pieces of paper with writing on the shelf. My aesthetic side couldn't handle that.

At first, I tried to make labels with cute little library metal frames, but they were too small and too permanant. I would have to nail them into the shelf. What if we decided to change the bookshelf around? That was too much commitment for me.

So, I made these simple labels:

I made them on Martha Stewart sticky-back labels (in cute designs) with scrapbook stickers. Nothing to it!

Here's the whole shelf: You have to zoom in if possible, because the picture doesn't do it justice. And yes, I know I left an "o" out of "Theology"-I've fixed it!

I also decided to make cute labels for my kitchen jars:

Delightfully Labeling,


  1. I have a little something for you over at my blog..

    The Sunshine Award

    Enjoy x

  2. I liked the bookshelf labels - I noticed those when we were there last week, but don't think I told you that I liked the idea. (I wasn't feeling that well that day). And where did you find flax seed that doesn't have to be kept in the fridge? Every kind I have tried has a label on the box that says to keep it in the fridge, which means I often forget to use it.

  3. I probably need to refridgerate it...hahaha...good thing these labels are easily removed too!

  4. I HEART my label should get one!
    Thanks for stopping by! I am now a follower

  5. As The 100 Cupboards and Dandelion Fire are sitting on that fiction shelf without The Chestnut King am I to assume you have started reading it?

    The labels are cute but I just don't get labeling. I know which container has flour and sugar by looking at the. :)

    Love you baby sister!

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