Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nesting Nook: Spiffing Up Candles

Candles are delightful. But, when they are sitting around plain-Jane and unused, they feel more like clutter to me.

I needed some decorative candles to place on this beautiful candle sticks Jeff and I received for our wedding. I didn't want them to be plain, so I pulled out the ribbon and decorative brads and decided to spiff them up.

Here's the results!

Delightful Nesting!


  1. They look great!
    - Cougs

  2. Those are great!!! Would you like to spill your secrets of how you made them.... hint hint, wink, wink...

  3. So cute! Definitely an idea for me to tuck away. Someday I'll be able to have cute things in my home again- once my little ones are old enough to have their stuff in their rooms and not taking over the house!!

  4. Those are so cute! i just did some candles to day too. I love candles, they're so relaxing. :)

  5. Those look gorgeous, i love the colours, papers and ribbons you used! :)
    They're so cute! Especially the centre on in the top pic.


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