Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delightfully Creative: Cute Bridesmaids Bags

I got the idea for this project from DIY Bride. I bought my bridesmaids several small gifts and wanted to reign them all in with an inexpensive and cute bag.Materials:
  • Thin canvas bag from craft store (the thick ones don't work as well with iron-ons)
  • Pack of printable iron-on paper
  • vector file of cute picture (I bought mine from
  • Ribbon
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun
How To (It's super easy):
  • Make graphic: Import vector file into design program (I used Microsoft Publisher) and include name, if desired. When printing, make sure you print the graphic BACKWARDS onto the iron-on transfer paper (if you do not, it will come out backwards on your bag).
  • Iron wrinkles out of bag.
  • Iron on transfer by pressing down on the transfer and bag with hot iron (follow instructions in the iron-on paper package)-Make sure you spend extra time on the edges! They are the hardest to make stick.
  • After the transfer cools, attach ribbon to the handles using a hot glue gun. Tie small bows and glue them to the bottom of the ribbon with the glue gun.

And Voila! Cute bag!

Delightfully Creating,

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