Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be ridiculously expensive. Ordering Invitations from a specialist can cost from 1.50-$5 per invitation! When you're inviting a lot of people, that can get outrageously expensive. I certainly could not afford to pay $1200 for pieces of paper, most of which would be thrown in the garbage. So ,I decided to go the DIY route.

I first planned to buy an invitation kit at a craft store, but after searching endlessly, could not find one I liked enough to buy. I decided to add a little personal flare and design/make my own invitations. (I love designing and making stuff anyway) It's time consuming, but worth it! I love my invitations and they are special to me because I made them. I also like them better than even most professional invitations I've seen. And the best part is-it cost $0.70 per invitation, including reply cards.

Here are the four styles of my invitations (the paisley is my favorite)

I chose a simple design to cut down on the time. I ended up buying an invitation kit with plain white invitations because the thought of cutting down card stock and finding reply envelopes seemed daunting (and expensive-those little envelopes are not cheap!)

Materials I used:
  1. Gartner Studios Pearl White Invitation Kit (http://www.gartnerstudious.com/)- purchased at A.C. Moore
  2. Martha Stewart Crafts card stock-Evergreen (http://www.marthastewartcrafts.com/) - Purchased a Michaels
  3. Making Memories black & White textured ribbon tape - purchased at Michaels
Happy Crafting!


  1. I should have done this. The only time Lucas and I argued during wedding planning was picking out invitations. We actually had to go 3 times, because the first two we ended up storming out mad. hahaha But I made my own wedding favors (fans, since it was outdoors in August), and although it was time-consuming, I loved it. Good work, spaz!

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